Every day I thank god for this addition to my family. Someone who means more to me than myself. In my life few things have affected me more than my wife. She is a very intelligent woman, whom I can trust with my darkest fears.

In all honesty, I don’t know what I would do without her. She completes me and pushes me to be the more ideal person. We should all be striving to reach and improve ourselves, but sometimes its nice to have a little help. In my case, I receive a lot more than I deserve.

There is plenty more to be written on this topic. But if I want to relate back to business and success, It is very true that you become more and more like those you surround yourself with each day. Be the one to help others in the workplace, treat the company as if it was your own. Be wary of those toxic employees and carefully try to extend a hand to those having a bad day. Attempt to be the example for those who seem to be having a bad year. A little help goes a long way, build your circle and prosper together.

Angel Wings

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