I am always leery of what is happening when I get those email that just say check this out, click this link, etc. Those normally go straight to trash. I am almost always suspicious when someone starts asking for information. I am one to believe and understand that 90% of pirates are now actually cyber criminals. Because if you thought it was hard to prosecute someone you watched commit a crime. It’s almost impossible to get your local police to take time to look into an incident that started online.

Today I recieved some alarming calls from a certain individual. It was rather unusual. The way they thought it up was interesting. Someone found me on LinkedIn decided that it would be fun to call me at work. I don’t mind the occasional telemarketer or spam email asking to do my website development. When it comes to centralized contractors and companies serving other companies, it can be a bit vicious. The best ones are sly, some intimidating.. but the correct way to be is truthful. No-one wants to work with someone they can’t trust.

Be especially careful when they start to make things seem urgent, if they tell you it has to happen now, wait a day or two or a week. These methods are shared by scammers and good salesmen alike. The more they try to scare you and tell you that you need to keep it a secret and not tell anyone. All the more reason to confide in a friend or two.

So run for the hills, hide your information, and never trust anyone online, or over the phone who promises you something that doesn’t make sense. Imagine them as a criminal with friends who have guns hiding in the shadows. Like walking the streets of New York make eye contact to let them know you are there and say something to address them, be friendly and get away. Or take the other approach and look at the ground and keep walking. Either way protect yourself and watch out for captain slick salesman. Don’t expect any special treatment from a stranger, or feel like they are your new trustworthy friend. If you feel someone is being slick or offers you more than market value for something be prepared to lose it entirely.

Gone Phishing

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