We have all heard the expression time is money. I am spending my Friday afternoon with my wife and son. It is very nice to have to be able to relax with them and not have to do anything. Sometimes even when you are at work you really need to to take some time to decompress and refocus.

Spending time with my wife and son now is irreplaceable. One day my son will be too busy to hangout with his dad. Enjoying my time with the family is one of the best ways to use my discretionary time.

I love hanging out with my wife. Sometimes we are just so busy changing diapers and doing things it’s nice to just relax.

The picture above is from New Years Eve. It was so nice to have our mother in law here to help us take care of our son.

We have been through a lot of changes recently. We just finished a move from our apartment, after a year here in Atlanta. Our marriage is a little over one year old. Jamie Bond is almost 4 months old and a little less than 17 lbs. His mom watches and takes great care of our son.

I have always been a stickler for making timelines and completing what needs to be done. When I am in a work environment its natural for me to identify waste and perhaps expect a little too much from my colleagues.

Practicing to turn off my productive qualities when I get home can be challenging. I think one supplemental activity is to find something you can do outside of the office with family or alone that you forget all about the time and enjoy yourself.

Until next time!

Discretionary time is Currency

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