This week I am attending a training session hosted by IBM for Cognos developers. I am really enjoying the class, it turns out the report designer is very user friendly. It is a browser based IDE, a user can simply drag and drop many parts of the report. If the Framework Manager is preconfigured the user ‘could’ perform these actions without necessarily knowing sql.

I am extremely grateful for the education I was able to receive in my youth. I feel privileged I was even offered computer programming courses in my high school. One thing I have never understood is when people say about themselves ‘I am not that smart’. I would prefer to think in most instances you are what you eat. If you are consistently looking to learn, you can find the right people to extract the answers that you need. With the internet and books, we have more ways to learn and complement a mentors guidance, beyond just being an apprentice to a master. Of course their will also be those with advantages over others, but never stop learning.

Always Learning

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