Today we shared some information at the office.

A summary of how to reduce the waste on a team. Looking at some of the recent challenges and how we can see the biggest ROI.

Some of the most valuable problems to approach are those re-occurring time vampires. Looking at the statistics on our team we calculate that we reduced re-occurring waste and manual labor by approximately one man-year or so.

Pretty soon we will be sharing this in a larger manner where I work at State Farm.

I enjoy working with such a great team. One thing that I really like on top of helping other sis seeing drastic improvements in our daily lives.

The key to improving anything is first to understand what exists in its current state. Then dissecting it into a sum of its parts. Once you do that you can remove or merge those steps to improve efficiency.

If it cost you 1 dollar and 1 minute for 15 steps over 30 days, that’s 450 bucks and 7.5 hours.

If you were able to automate some pieces and improve the others enough to only need 4 viable steps. You would save something like 5.5 hours per month or 66 hours per year.

If you take this example and double the time. You could compare the time of a quick shower vs a long bath.

Over a year taking an 8 minute shower vs a 30 minute bath, that would save you almost 132 hours in a full year.. Or over 3 full work weeks, now thats efficient.

Now don’t spend those three weeks you saved in one place or working.

All in a days work, how to exceed efficiency goals..

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